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Glen Ridge

What do we love most about Glen Ridge, NJ?


  • Slurpin’ a hot bowl of porky noodles in the uncomfortable chairs at Ani Ramen

  • Catching Jim Gaffigan’s stand-up show in the 5th row of the Wellmont Theater – so close, I can throw popcorn in his hair

  • Maple bacon doughnut from Montclair Bread Company – I think that speaks for itself…

  • Watching the morning parade of all the kids in town walking to school in Glen Ridge

  • Free first Thursday night at the Montclair Art Museum which has a fabulous Native American Art & Crafts exhibit

  • BEST wings ever.  Egan’s on Walnut Street – seriously I mean it

  • Watching my 9 year-old nose to wing with a beautiful butterfly at the Presby Memorial Iris Gardens on Upper Mountain Avenue

  • Driving up and down Upper Mountain, North Mountain and Park Street on a cold December night, counting the number of giant holiday light displays on the streets

  • You know, that house on Hillside in Glen Ridge where the entire yard is spring daffodils?

  • Montclair State University’s Talented and Gifted program – a great place for summer camp and school year classes for your kid that needs a little more stimulation

  • Sitting at the service bar at Turtle & Wolf – their burrata & shishito peppers are to die for (service is impeccable, too)

  • Montclair YMCA – Best. Y. Ever. (gym and pool are excellent)

  • Circling Brookdale park on a Saturday afternoon with my favorite dog on a leash

  • Edgemont Memorial Park – the fountain, the pond, the lawn…

  • Post work Happy Hours at Fitzgerald’s

  • Street fairs galore all over town (Walnut Street one is a favorite)

  • Another weekend, another birthday party - Kidville on Valley, here we come!

  • Local fruits and veggies galore at the Montclair Farmer’s Market (tomatoes the size of softballs) – betcha didn’t know that Jersey is 17% farmland?

  • Montclair Film Festival…Montclair Jazz Festival…Montclair Food & Wine Festival (more festivals please!)

  • You can rent the Glen Ridge Senior/Community Center for parties – did you know that?

  • Enjoying sports history at the Yogi Berra Museum on the Montclair State University Campus

  • Church Street shopping and dining – total East Village style stretch of the cutest curio shops and hip eateries – who misses the City now?

  • Highly ranked public school districts – speaks for itself

  • Watchung Booksellers always has the best authors speaking there

  • So many train stations…Glen Ridge, Bay, Walnut, Watchung, Upper Mountain, Mountain Ave, Montclair Heights, Montclair State University… easy peasy commutey city!

  • Nauna vs. Mr. Dino – the debate rages (haha, I like Ah’ Pizz!)

  • Cheering for the Mounties Friday night at Woodman Field (you know, by the ice rink?)

  • Avocado toast on thick yummy bread at The Corner